Home Treat Home is an in-house pet sitting and dog walking business located in Chicago, IL and Denver, CO. While you’re on vacation, we take care of your pet from the comfort of your home, giving you the peace of mind knowing that they are in a familiar setting getting the love they deserve. Not on vacation? We’ll walk your dog while you’re at work. Simple as that.



I started Home Treat Home in 2013 in an effort to refocus my career on something I cared deeply about. I was working long hours in an advertising agency and felt uninspired and burned out. Dogs have always held a special place in my heart and are essentially the opposite of advertising executives, and so Home Treat Home was born.

This job has taken me all over the city, and I've met so many fantastic people along the way—not to mention their wonderful animals. I've enjoyed building this business the past 5 years, and my relationships with clients and their dogs have always been at the core of that.

Denver is a new addition to the Home Treat Home Pack and I am thrilled to be here. Denver is my old hometown and I am happy to be back. I look forward to meeting all the fur kids here. You will see me walking pups all over Denver. I will go above and beyond for you and your furry loved-one. Set up a meet and greet with me today!




After moving to Chicago recently, I realized how much I missed having dogs in my everyday life. Growing up in Michigan, we always had two dogs in the house. Dogs are a big part of my life. I began to miss having a fur kid around and decided to find a job where I get to see dogs on a regular basis. HTH was hiring and I applied for the opportunity. Love having dogs back in my life. Spot me walking "Spot" in the Old Town, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.




I think I've always seen myself as a dog caregiver, and I got to fulfill that vision when I took a job with Home Treat Home. It has been, by far, my most satisfying job. A smile is always drawn on my face every time I walk into a house and am greeted with licks and tail wags.

This job is therapy to me, and I am thrilled to be able to work with a great group of coworkers as well as all of your furry family members! You'll see me walking pups in the Lakeview, Buena Park, and Lincoln Park neighborhoods. Also, I am a certified Vet Technician.




Dogs are my comfort zone. I am a social worker at night and I train service dogs by day. I currently have one Sussex Spaniel and an aggressive Pit Bull that I am working with. I am confident with small or large dogs and administrating medications. My Pit Bull is blind and a diabetic. I look forward to walking and building a strong bond with your fur kid(s). My walks are located in the Logan Square, Bucktown, Wicker Park, and Ukrainian Village neighborhoods. 



After recently moving to Chicago, I was looking for something to fill my days. I have two pups of my own and wanted a job that was dog friendly. Nothing is more dog friendly than being a dog walker. It has “Dog” in the title. I truly understand what it requires to have fur kids. As a fellow parent, trust is a major factor when considering a dog walker and I will provide that trust and bond you need. Us dog parents have to stick together.

Looking for dog training? I am a certified dog trainer. Great with PTSD training and mobility assistance. Service dog training is my specialty. HTH will be offering dog training in the very near future. Don’t hesitate to contact Josh to schedule a meet and greet.

You’ll see me a lot with my pups at the dog beach or park. Don’t hesitate to come play. I walk dogs in Andersonville, Edgewater, Ravenswood, and Uptown neighborhoods.



Another young professional turning to dogs for stress relief. I was working for a small start-up that blew up and I needed a break from it. Josh and I are friends through rugby and have known each other for a long time. When I heard he was hiring, I jumped at the chance to work with HTH.

Dogs make you laugh after a bad day or make a good day, great. There is such joy in knowing that when I walk through that door, a fur kid is going to be whipping their tail back and forth with a huge smile on their mug. It’s the best part about being a dog walker.

See me strutting down the block with doggy models in Ravenswood Manor and Albany Park neighborhoods.

Home Treat Home has taken classes in dog training and obedience. Home Treat Home is insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. We have references available upon request.

Home Treat Home has taken classes in dog training and obedience. Home Treat Home is insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. We have references available upon request.