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Loss of A BF

Farley in Chase Park. Ravenswood, Chicago

Farley in Chase Park. Ravenswood, Chicago

My best friend, Farley, was such a positive role model for me. He showed me trust and unconditional love. I will miss his whimper and tail wagging when he sees me arriving through the window. The greeting that one always hopes to receive when entering a friend's home. Our playtime in the park, where I could let him off lead to play and I knew he could be trusted, until he ran into the mud pit and wiggled like a pig in it. I'll never forget that. I will miss his run. His goofy, always made me smile, run. Playing fetch with him was a complete thrill. He always brought the ball back and would drop it at my feet. "Yes! Good Boy! You're such a good boy." I would repeat to him. At the end of all our walks, I would take a minute to pet and cuddle with him. It always calmed me. Farley was an angel in life. He will be missed and I will always have a place in my heart for him. R.I.P. My BF.

Max and The College Years

Max traveled through time with me this weekend. He met my college friend in from Colorado. Don't worry. Max's mom knew him, too. We all went to art school together. Max loved him. He would bark just to have hugs of attention. It was oddly cool to see Max react to a person like that, especially another male. Also, he is amazing at cuddling. What a great time we had and it's always nice to have your new friend meet your old friend. 



Dog's Best Friend

I love telling stories about the dogs I walk, but you may be wondering... "Who is the man behind the leash?" My name is Joshua. I started Home Treat Home, because I know what it's like having a furry loved one and not wanting to board them. The fear of them getting sick or depressed while you're on vacation. Why worry? My mission with this business is to relieve that worry and to give your pet the love and care you give them. I adore my job. My favorite part is seeing them get so excited when I enter.  So next time you decide to take a vacation or have to travel for work, contact me! I would be happy to help. What are friends for?  :-)


Wag! You're It!

Playground rules do not apply... if you're the only ones around. Today, Stella and I had a brisk walk along Lake Michigan again. She of course was more interested in finding a stick to chew on, but her attention switched to me when I brought her to the playground. She acted like a little school girl. Wanting to chase, seek and find. We did all three. Afternoon walks are the best. The parks tend to be quieter and there is more freedom. Being able to play in a park with no other dogs or children is rare in the city, but when you do have those moments they make for a great afternoon. Stella may have won at hide-n-seek, but I won a fun afternoon with Stella Bella.