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Dogwalking 101: What to do if your dog LOVES eating street refuse

Trying out something new on this Thursday edition of the Doggy Blog: Dogwalking 101. Peep the nifty graphic that totally took me hours to design!

As consumate walkers of dogs, Home Treat Home employees pick up many tips and tricks that people that own dogs already probably know but hey, it's fun to write about anyways. Today's topic is the canine tendency to consume any and all random items on the ground no matter their source, chemical composition, size, or shape. In order for Home Treat Home to remain "hip," "young," and "trendy," this post will be presented in "listicle" format (a word which is a portmanteau of "list" and "article" even though it sounds quite dirty). This list will cover, in no particular order, a litany of items that I've seen dogs attempt to eat on walks.

NOTE: no dogs have ever succeeded in eating any of these things while on walks with Home Treat Home. We're far too skilled for that.

  • Chicken bones. Starting off with the grandaddy of all groundfood, the humble chicken bone. Very common around the city, especially around supermarkets that have hot bars. The chicken bone seems fine—as we've all grown up with the image in our heads of a happy dog chewing on a bone—but it is far from it. When deep fried, the chicken bone loses all structural integrity and tends to "shatter" when chewed, which can be very dangerous for pups. Avoid at all costs.
  • Small rocks. This tends to be the province of puppies or dogs who don't know the outside world that well. This makes sense because rocks have no detectible aroma, zero taste, don't particularly look like food at all, and are, well, made of rock. Perhaps puppies think they have the digestive system of chickens and need small pebbles, or gastroliths, to aid in crushing up food in their gastric mill. Perhaps they're not thinking at all because they are brand new dags. Avoid at all costs.
  • Old sandwiches. This category is a bit broad. I've seen dogs go after relatively new looking bits of Subway sandwiches (probably no difference in taste whether on the ground or on a clean plate TBH) and verrry old, verrry questionable looking breadmold colonies packed in triangular plastic boxes. In the scheme of things, probably not a total emergency if your dog eats a recently dropped meatball sub fragment (unless he/she would be breaking vegan/vegetarianism to do so, of COURSE). Hell, I've eaten food off the floor/ground on many occasions and I'm still here. Avoid if possible.
  • A whole roast chicken. I still feel bad about this one. Can you imagine the unbelievable bounty an ENTIRE ROAST CHICKEN represents to a dog? It would be like a person finding a bag full of money and then being lightly but persistently pulled in the opposite direction by a rope wrapped around your shoulders. Well, to be fair to me, the roast chicken looked quite old and had some suspect green and bluery around its periphery. But still. Avoid if possible.
  • A lottery ticket. Still confused about this one. Did the doggo think it was a winner? It wasn't. Even if it was, you can't like absorb the power of a winning lottery ticket by eating it. And dogs shouldn't be gambling anyways. My theory is that someone with gravy all over their hands scratched off the ticket, saw that they had lost, poured more gravy on it out of anger, and then discarded it. Avoid at all costs, but likely won't be a problem.

That's all I can think of today. Let me know the weirdest thing your dog tried to eat in the comments (either here or on HTH's Facebook). Have a great Thursday fam.