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The Altgeld Girls

"We know how to sit, shake, and look super cute."


Hello all! Josh here with a post about some of the dogs on my daily route. In fact, you may already know them. If you've ever liked a photo on Home Treat Home's Instagram page, chances are it was of one of the Altgeld Girls: Grace, the white golden retriever; Bernie, the doodle; and Daisy, a golden retriever. I've been walking these gal pals for years. They are like the kids from, "Stranger Things," except we've never been to the upside-down world and I am okay with that. Neighborhood friends who grew up together on the same cul-de-sac. Which happens to be Altgeld Ave in Lincoln Park. These ladies are well-behaved and a joy to be around. They never fight with eachother and are always guarding their turf. Let me tell you a little about each of them and I am sure you'll fall in love with them too.


Bernie Girl is a doodle like no other. She is a human stuck in a dog's body. I've been walking Bernie for about two years now and she has become a best friend. She is always down to hang out and she always greets me with her tail wagging, paws jumpin', and a smile on her face. She looks straight into my eyes to communicate her love and affection for me. She can be cautious of strangers, but is always curious about them. Usually after they have passed her and she comes from behind to sniff their bums. She is very good at startling others and being startled herself. At the end of our walks, she always tries to race me back into the apartment, even though she can't get in without me. It's so adorable. Bernie is the sugar in my morning coffee and I need her to get through my day. 


This is Gracie Girl, aka Grace Nacho. Grace Nacho is an original club kid. Me and this home girl have been hanging out for three years now and we treat each other like uncle and niece. When I walk through the front door, she is always waiting at the top of the stairs with a toy to give me. She is my princess. She's bossy, caring, and loveable. Grace and I are so close that we even exchange gifts on our birthdays. I don't even do that with my human friends. One thing is definitely true about Grace, she's got my back. 


Daisy is the life of the party. She is mostly a guest star in the smash hit sitcom that is The Altgeld Girls, but lives on the same block as Bernie and Grace. Daisy is such a ham. She loves attention and is great at getting everyone worked up on the walks. Her and Grace are best friends in the purest sense of the word. They live to see each other. My favorite thing is to watch her and Gracie play a little game I've dubbed Snow Dolphin. Snow Dolphin is a great game—mostly played by dogs but could be extended to particulary flexible (and perhaps, strange) children— where one acts as if one is a dolphin swimming through deep snow instead of a large body of water. It is a must see. If you have the means, I highly recommend taking in a show.


You might even recognize them from the above Home Treat Home logo picture. Who are we kidding, of course you do, these gals are A-listers. If you are ever in Lincoln Park and run into one of these famed Girls of Altgeld, make sure to say, "HEY, GIRL, HEY!" in your best high-pitched lilt. I am sure they will greet you with ear-to-ear smiles, open paws, and some sloppy kisses. However, they have been known to throw some INTENSE CANINE SHADE from time to time, so prepare accordingly.