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This One Goes Out to My Homie, Stella Bella

The world can be a dangerous place. Trust no one until they have proven themselves through belly rubs, long walks, and cuddles.
— Stella
Stella lived for soaking up some serious rays.  

Stella lived for soaking up some serious rays.  

Being a dog walker is such a fulfilling job for me. I gave up the office gig so I could be outside and around "people" I can tolerate, dogs. Dogs bring a certain energy to our lives that naturally raises our endorphins. Dogs are always happy to see you even if you scolded them five minutes ago. Dogs can show true trust and loyalty and no other dog proved that to me than Stella. 

"You guys go ahead. I'm just gonna lie here for a minute."

"You guys go ahead. I'm just gonna lie here for a minute."

Stella was a unique dog. What I mean is, she hated everyone and everything until you proved your trust to her. She would've been such a good Chicago gangster. We never had a boring walk. Here is why: as soon as I opened the door, Stella would be high-fiving me. She literally would raise her paw for me. It was our secret hand shake. She knew that it was time to go outside and pawtrol the neighborhood. Stella truly pawtroled the hood. Her idea of pawtroling is to attack anything and everything that would approach us from a bicyclist to an elderly woman carrying her groceries home. If she didn't know ya, she didn't like ya. I honestly could relate to Stella. I also don't trust many people until I get to know them. As you can imagine, this made for some very alert walks for us. No texting and walking with this fur kid. (Note: HTH does not promote texting and walking.)

Once again, Stella soaking up the sun.  

Once again, Stella soaking up the sun.  

As you may have gathered from this blog, Stella passed away recently. I walked Stella with her brother, Tucker, for over two years. On our initial meet and greet, Stella wanted nothing more than to bite my hand off, but with time and cheese, plenty of cheese, and not just any cheese, we are talking Whole Foods premier Gouda, her frosty heart melted for me. Stella and I had to have two meet and greets. She really needs to build that trust before she allows you in her gang. Once I gained her acceptance, I believe I became her favorite. 

Stella & Tucker,  Paws on Petals,  2017

Stella & Tucker, Paws on Petals, 2017

The hardest part of being a dogwalker is losing your fur friends. Unfortunately, our fur friends don't live as long as us and therefore I have seen a many of them pass in my years. I miss Stella a lot. I understood her and it breaks my heart when I walk through that door and no one is there to greet me with a high-five. Dogs can touch us and they are precious no matter how vicious they can be. Here is to Stella, one bad ass bitch who had more courage than any human I have ever met. Love ya, Bella!


Four Scores and One Dog Year Ago

HELLO! Our names are based off great leaders and writers. Of course we rule.
— Lincoln and Winston, dogs/luminaries
Christmas , 2016

Christmas, 2016

These are my Wrigleyville Boys. They may look innocent, but these guys can be ruff n'tuff. Their names are fitting. Much like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, they are smart, loyal, and loved by many. When I first met these fellas, I had to walk them separately. They are strong and I needed to build that trust with them—also similar to my relationship with Honest Abe and Churchill (long story) . Now, I walk them together and they are very obidient. They listen to my whistles and respect my "authorita" (said in traditional Cartman voice). It's quite empowering being able to summon the loyalty of two great world leaders, separated by years, nationality, temperament, and body shape. Well ya know, in canine form at least.

Winston,  Fall 2015

Winston, Fall 2015

This is Winston. He is a capital "D" Diva and I love him for it. Despite his broad shoulders, muscled up haunches, and microwave oven–sized head, he is a total softie. Momma's boy for sure. Winston always has a smile on. He brings me such joy when I walk through the front door. Winston's energy level is intense, and like Winston Churchill, he does have a strong opinion on politics, war, and helps inspire change into people's ideas of what it means to be a pit bull. We've had many a conversation lasting late into the night, over glasses of sherry and Cuban cigars. A jolly chap to be sure.

Lincoln & Winston , Summer 2016

Lincoln & Winston, Summer 2016

The guy up there with the tiger stripes is Lincoln. Lincoln is the world's biggest baby. Even when he is happy, he looks sad. He is such a ham. I also want his coat in faux-fur. I want, more deeply than I've ever wanted anything before, to be twinning out with him on our walks. See example below:

What do you think? Def a  choice  bargain if you ask me.

What do you think? Def a choice bargain if you ask me.

These boys have taught me a lot about patience and tolerance. They like to wrestle a lot, which can be tough to handle since they both weigh as much as a husky middle schooler. But ya know, they smell better and are a bit quicker on the uptake. Also, like many of their canine peers, sometimes they tear up things when nobody's home. Shoes, papers, books; you know the deal. You always know when they've done something wrong. They are excited to see you, but are hesitant to come in for the petting sesh. Tails firmly placed between their legs, but wagging like mad. Classic!

Lincoln & Winston , Spring 2017

Lincoln & Winston, Spring 2017

What can I say? These pitties make me look like a baller! 🤘 Love walking them around Wrigley Field and everyone looks at you like you're somebody famous. The paparazzi tailing behind you. Damn! A girl can dream, can't she? Although we do get some serious attention. Here's to my Wrigley Boys! 🍻


Three Young Sluggers at Wrigley Field , Fall 2016

Three Young Sluggers at Wrigley Field, Fall 2016