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An Introdogtion

Me and Daisy in warmer times. Probabably looking at a squirrel.

Me and Daisy in warmer times. Probabably looking at a squirrel.


This is Sean Lachut, I started working for HTH in late September and I wanted to use this forum to formally introduce myself! I've met many of you already and I hope to meet everyone, pet and person alike, very soon.

It's been so great spending time with your pets these past few months, and I can honestly say that this job has brought me more joy than any other I've had. Prior to working at  Home Treat Home, I was spending 8+ hours a day either sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen or shuffling off to meeting after meeting. It was the same routine every day, it was monotonous and dreary—not to mention my posture was awful. Now, I get to spend my days hanging out with your awesome dogs, walking around our great city, experiencing something new every day. And my lower back has NEVER felt better.

So when I say it has been so great getting to spend time with your pets these past months, know that I mean that very sincerely.

In addition to pet sitting and walking your dogs, I'll also be regularly updating this blog every Monday with posts (and pictures) of your pets. I'll also post stories, tips, tricks, and the like relating to dogs, cats, and the pet community in general. I'll also be sprucin' up Home Treat Home's online presence.

If you have any comments or complaints for me, please don't hesitate to reach out via email at

I look forward to keeping you all in the loop, please check back often!